August 14, 2017

Is your child ready for a challenge? Do they possess the skills needed to succeed in school and in life? This summer camp is designed to give students ages 8-18 the essential skills and experience necessary to build healthy relationships at home, in school and in the future at work! 

If you know a child or teen who struggles with social skills, impulse control, ADHD, anxiety, or depression,this camp is a fun, and creative way to help them develop important emotional and social skills.

HorsePower Tools is an evidence based program that partners children with horses to teach essential emotional and social skillsThe skills are Respect, Responsibility, Relationship Skills, Empathy, Boundaries, Choices and Consequences. These skills are shown to help children improve their relationships and their ability to succeed in school. 

Not only do they learn these skills in a fun way, they practice them with horses! And because horses are sensitive and they don't lie, they provide honest and clear feedback to our participants in a way that is empowering and truly unforgettable. All activities are ground based; there is no riding.Our beautiful farm location is in Hampshire just off  I-90.  We at Hope Reins have over 14 years of experience in providing equine assisted psychotherapy and learning using the EAGALA model  and over 30 years working with at risk children.

 The camp is a half day camp(9 am to 11:30am) and runs from Monday to Friday.


2018 Dates will be Announced Soon!

 There are limited scholarships available for each camp.

Contact:Debra K. Hirschberg LCSW, EAGALA certified


Clinical Director of Hope Reins



Dates for Summer of  2018 will be announced soon. Please contact us for more information on future sessons!