September 27, 2020

Parents, remote learning has started up again and you have already been on a roller coaster of emotions. Your child is struggling to have their unique needs met in this new online world and you are overwhelmed and stretched thin. Come join us at Hope Reins for a FREE special on-the-ground horse experience with practical strategies from Nicole Schlechter Advocacy and Hope Reins . Click HERE to register. Our goal is to help you pause and take care of yourself while learning how to help your child do well in this new way learning. You won't just leave recharged with a new "bag of tools" you don't know how to use.As you spend time with the horses, you will be practicing how to implement those new tools so you can leave confident and effective.  Event Date: October 3rd, 2020 

You'll experience:  

  • An understanding of the latest brain science and how stress affects our brain and ability to think.
  • Mindfulness strategies to reset your brain so you can be your best self and do the hard work of parenting and teaching.
  • Special Guest Parent Advocate :Nicole Schlechter will be sharing practical strategies to support your child and their new educational journey. In addition, Nicole has expertise in special education (IEP or 504) support.
  • On the ground horse activities to help you practice the skills you are learning. This will be provided by the staff of Hope Reins who have over 30 years of experience working with children and families and over 17 years providing equine assisted learning and therapy.
  • Time on our peaceful, wooded ranch property with our 7 horses , mini donkey, mini horse, and various other critters who may show up!

About the Presenters:

Debra Hirschberg (LCSW) is the founder and director of Hope Reins. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work and has been certified by EAGALA (Equine Growth and Learning Association) since 2003. Debra has worked in a variety of settings with children and families from inpatient to residential. Her passion for over 30 years has been to find effective ways to help people find healing from past hurts and to find the purpose God has for them. She has a heart for strengthening children and their families. She founded Hope Reins in 2003 to help at risk children and families.

Kristine Pienkowski (EAGALA Advanced Certified) is the Executive Director of The Ranch of Hope Reins. Her interest in working with at-risk youth is both professional and personal. She was in foster care from 9 years old until she aged out at 17 years old. As an adult she was a foster parent in Iowa and in Illinois. She has experienced the system from both sides and her passion is to increase the successful outcomes for both parents and children. From the beginning of her training in the EAGALA model, Kristine had a profound awareness that EAGALA model therapy would be a perfect teaching tool for foster parents.

Nicole Schlechter is a former educator and mom of 4. She helps parents of special needs children, who struggle with social, emotional, or behavioral delays at school to navigate special education through parent education and increased confidence. As an Autism, ADHD, and Anxiety mom, she is in the trenches with you offering real world strategies that work. To find out more about Nicole go to