August 21, 2018

After working on goals for a couple of weeks, it gets hard. We can feel stuck and frustrated with the goals we set. Whether it is to eat right and exercise, pay down debt or have better relationships, most people abandon their goal when it gets hard.  We all know what the steps are yet we still struggling with follow through. Many of us don't not even set goals anymore. And many of us are left with negative thoughts about ourselves. We end up believing we can never succeed or that we are failures. Dr. Amen, a well known brain researcher calls these negative thoughts ANTs --Automatic Negative Thoughts. 

In our workshops, we will be focusing identifying on how those ANTs stop us from achieving our goals AND more importantly how to stomp those ANTs out. We identify what holds us back, and what it takes to succeed with your goals. And you get to work alongside the horses who have an uncanny ability to challenge us on those ANTs! 

Let's make this year different! Stay tuned for dates.

If you have always wondered how horses can help people or what that "uncanny ability" is, then join us for a fun and powerful time. 

Workshops are offered at The Ranch of Hope Reins on various dates. Join us for one session, or join us for all the sessions. We are just excited for you to have this opportunity!

Session One: Learning to Shift Focus on the Positive
Session Two:  Looking for Opportunities in the Present Moment
Session Three: What's Mindfulness Got to do With It?
Session Four: Let that Stuff Go and Move forward!

Be prepared for being outdoors. No horse experience is needed. All work is done on ground. Our infamous Hot chocolate bar will be open! 

We will be happily accepting donations to The Ranch of Hope Reins. For more information about dates contact: