Corporate and Professional Growth Programs

Corporate and Professional Growth Programs

Hope Reins also offers a variety of customized corporate team building, leadership, communication and professional growth programs.

Just say Neigh!!

This program will help you learn to communicate more effectively. Since 90% of communication is non-verbal, horses can be great instructors in the art of clear communication. Make sure your yes is yes and your neigh is neigh! Come and let our horse observers help you develop clear and loving communication skills.

How’s Your Herd?

Experience a fun day of team building as you add new members from the “horse set” to your herd. Horses live in herds so there are more than one set of eyes to watch for danger. Experience fun activities that will help you assess your “herd” so that you can build more effective teams at your business, school, church or organization

The Speed of the Leader

What kind of leader are you? What kind would you like to be? Learn about how to be an effective leader as our horse and human facilitators help us think about what makes an effective leader.

Please contact us to discuss your corporate team building goals.