Equine Therapy Workshops

If you are looking for unique programming where you get to experience change and not just talk about it, we offer the following personal growth and development workshops. In each workshop there is a short teaching component followed up with an activity with the horses that is designed to help you develop and practice those skills you have just learned.  Our experienced team has worked within corporate, church and small business settings to help develop well functioning and productive organizations.

  • Mending Broken Hearts and Broken Connections - An educational program for parents whose children have developmental trauma. Especially helpful for foster and adoptive parent groups.
  • Horsepower Tools for Living- A group for children and teens focusing on developing emotional and social wellness skills
  • Harnessing the Power of the Positive with Horses - Goal setting, Mindfulness, Gratitude,  Killing the ANTs (Automatic negative thoughts) that sabotage success
  • Marriage that Lasts—premarital and marital groups
  • Retreat programming for churches and small businesses
  • Corporate Development 

All activities are on the ground. No horse experience is needed. Horses are well suited to help individuals and groups develop leadership, teamwork and emotional IQ needed for success, as they live in social groups within a hierarchy of leadership. They require good leadership and well defined roles to survive. They are clear in their communication and give immediate feedback to each other and to us! In order to be successful in working with horses you must develop self-awareness and an ability to regulate strong emotions.

Working with horses help you not just talk about change but actually practice change. Since horses are animals of prey, they are sensitive to the slightest change in our interactions with them. As such they provide honest, immediate and clear feedback.  It is an experience similar to a ropes course but you have living creatures are like living biofeedback machines. And since you are experiencing change in the moment it is hard to forget!